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BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads

BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads

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Discover what our customers have to say before we unveil our amazing product!

Tina Wilkins, USA

After years of wearing high heels to work, the natural padding on the ball of my feet has diminished, which has led to pain when I walk. I wore these BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads, and they felt amazing. I haven’t experienced this much foot relief and comfort for months. These pads are easy to put on and adhere comfortably to my foot. I noticed that it’s easier to walk with these on and my feet weren't sliding off inside the shoes, preventing constant chafing and pressure. After two weeks of constantly wearing these pads, the pain at the ball of my foot is gone! I also appreciate that I can wear these in any type of shoes, not just heels.

Colbie Miller, UK

I bought the BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads in hopes of providing comfortable coverage in the bunion area. These soft and cushiony pads do cover that area at the base of the little toe without feeling bulky. I’ve been using these for weeks and they really gave me pain relief and protected my bunion and the ball of my feet from shock whenever I walk. Getting these on my feet was super easy, and they felt superbly comfortable when put on. They feel pretty natural, like they're part of the skin. The breathability and moisture-wicking properties claim is also true. My foot doesn’t slide around inside the shoe even during a Texas summer, sweaty feet and all. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.


Confidently rock high heels with comfort and foot health in mind! BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads provide breathable support, protecting against discomfort, blisters, and foot conditions!

The Disadvantages of Wearing High Heels

Whether you're into high pencil heels, sleek pumps, or strappy stilettos, wearing high heels can compliment any outfit you put on and gives you that instant confidence boost. However, regularly wearing high heels can actually do a number on your feet.

When you wear a high-heeled shoe, this puts your foot in a position that causes stress, excessive rubbing, and ultimately chronic pain in the ball of your foot and toes. Wearing heels places your feet in an angle where the ball of the foot bears more weight than normal. This constant pressure leads to chafing, aches in the heel and arch, and discomfort and stiffness in the joints of the ball of the foot.

High heels are also uncomfortable to walk in, at least when compared to flat shoes. Walking in them exposes your feet to cuts from straps, fastens, or clasps and friction that can cause blisters, calluses, and corns. The angled position also puts your feet in a high risk of developing bunions or swelling in the big toe.

If you can’t give up on wearing heels but don’t want to compromise the condition of your feet, wearing cushion pads is the way to go.

Product Features:

  • Relieves foot pressure & pain

Whether you’re wearing chunky heels or closed shoes, the BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads are designed to provide foot pressure and pain relief. These five-finger forefoot pads offer cushiony support for your feet, alleviating the pain and stress caused by wearing high heels or ill-fitting shoes for long periods or prolonged standing or walking. Wearing them is especially beneficial for those with common foot conditions as the pad protects your feet from the pressure or injury by reducing contact between the ball of feet and your shoes, keeping you comfortable at all times.

  • Breathable and stretchy

The BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads are made with ice silk and cotton for supreme wearing comfort. The breathable pad wicks away moisture and sweat to keep feet comfortably dry. The material is also highly stretchable, making this pad suitable for a variety of shoe sizes and foot shapes.The lightweight, moisture-absorbing heel cushion doesn't become flat when worn. This prevents feet from sliding off and slipping even when you're walking quickly.

  • Ergonomics cushion

Our High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pad is ergonomically designed to absorb the shock that your forefoot and toes experience from wearing high heels, reducing friction, pressure, and stress on your feet. Inserting these highly durable and soft cushions into your shoes helps prevent and ease pain due to callus, bunions, blisters, chafed skin, and other foot conditions, so you can walk with ease, comfort, and confidence!

  • Invisible design suits different styles of shoes

The BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads become invisible when you’re wearing shoes. Its non-slip, discreet design makes it easy to use with a variety of shoes, from high heels and boots to ballet flats, wedges, and even sneakers.

Package includes:

  • 1 pair x BeautyMAX™ High Heels Forefoot Cushion Pads

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